Soul Work & Pensícola

One of my teachers mentioned Soul Work, and Pensícola immediately came to mind. It was such a beautiful, still, quiet place outside of tourist season. It’d be a beautiful place to sit down, take a break, and practice a little self care. We were close enough to Pensícola to make it a day trip, but I gladly would have spent two or three days on the island just taking it in.

I think it’s important to take a couple days out of the year to sit down in a quiet place and just reflect; to listen to your body and give yourself the love and attention you need. Of course, being a college student gives me the luxury of summer vacation, where I have a much easier time taking these breaks.

But even if you can’t take days to escape, all of us should make sure we take a little time to relax and do a little soul work.


The Magical World of Bartering

The markets are some of my favorite places in Europe. They’re a beautiful world full of cheap street food, clothes, bags, shoes, and whatever else you could think of. One of my favorite market experiences actually took place in Morocco, where I discovered the magical world of bartering. Read More


There’s nothing quite like walking through a palace. They’re huge, ornate buildings that have this magical ability to make you feel small and unimportant, but also make you feel like a Disney Princess.

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It’s amazing the things we’ll stop and take picture of in other countries. Not once have I passed a door in the United States and thought, “Wow. What a magnificent door.” But Spain knew what they were doing when they designed their doors. There are some super beautiful doors and arches in Spain, and I honestly wish I’d taken more photos of the beautiful doorways I came across in the year I spent abroad.

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Las Fallas

One of my favorite things about Spain was the never-ending stream of festival, holidays, and events. I’m gonna be honest with you guys and admit that I was actually dreading Las Fallas. Little children had been setting firecrackers off in metal trash cans for two basically weeks straight, and I was over it. But Las Fallas turned out to be one of my favorite memories from Spain. Read More